Polar Bear Race Game

Our final Polar Bear activity was this simple game.
LB(4) and LL(2) loved this so much. We played it over and over!


Prep Work:
  • Tape the pieces of construction paper together the long way.
  • Find a small cup or medium sized lid. Something round you can trace to make circles on the paper.
    • Trace circles in 2, 3, or 4 rows (depending on how many people you want to play at once). It doesn't really matter how many circles you get on each row, as long as each row is equal. :)

  • Draw small circles on the cardstock with even smaller circles for the ears. Cut them out and draw smiles on them. These are your Polar Bears!

  • At the end of the construction paper, glue on a piece of white paper with the word FINISH. 

Time to Play!!

  • It's a race to see which Polar Bear can swim through the blue "water" to get to the snow first! Roll the dice and each person takes turns moving their polar bear down the circles and to the "snow" finish line! 

So easy, and so fun for the little ones!

Have Fun!!

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1 comment:

Veens @ Our Ordinary Life said...

What an awesome idea to work on numbers! Thank you for sharing :)

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