Polar Bear Paw Counting

We're getting back into the swing of things with our Polar Bear themed-week!
Our first activity is this simple counting game using paw prints.


Prep Work:
  • First, find something round the size you want your paw prints to be, like a cup or lid. Trace it 5 times onto your colored paper spaced apart like paw prints.
  • Second, find something round that is smaller and trace 3 circles above each bigger circle.

  • Next using the same circle you traced for the paw, trace 20 circles onto white cardstock. 

  • Cut out the circles and write the numbers 1-20 on them. You're ready to go!

Time to Play!

  • Sit with your child and lay down a number in the first paw on the bottom of the paper. Then have them count up, finding the right numbers to place in the paws above it:

  • You can start with any number and help them learn and practice number order. :)

  • For extra credit, you can even start at the top and have them count backwards!

LB(4) had a lot of fun with this one. He's good counting straight from 1-20, but this definitely got him thinking a bit more about number order. :)


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