Tulip Words - Reading Activity for Preschoolers

This week we're doing a "Spring" theme in our Preschool@Home, and this is our first activity! 
I just made this and haven't done it with LB(3) yet, but I know it will be fun for him, and a good way to review letter sounds and to begin teaching him how letters make words. :)

How to Make it:
  • Get out 4-6 pieces of different colors of construction paper. Draw a tulip shape on one, stack the papers, then cut out the tulips.
  • Use one of the tulip cutouts to trace the tulip shape onto a white piece of paper or cardstock 3 times.
  • Choose a word ending (like -at, -am, -in, -an, etc.) and write it in the last 2 tulip shapes on the paper.
  • Using green paper, cut out stems, leaves and grass for the flowers and glue them on.

  • Then, on the tulip shapes you cut out, write letters that can be used to make words with that ending:

How to Play:

  • Sit down with your child and lay out all the tulip shapes. Have them pick a tulip and place it on the first flower. Then help them sound out the word.

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