Spring Button Craft for Kids!

Here is a fun craft we made to go along with our "Spring" theme! LM(6), LB(3), and I made this together this week as we talked about the wonders of spring!

Prep Work:
  • Get out a piece of paper.
  • Draw and/or have your child draw:
    • grass
    • tree trunk and branches
    • cloud
Then get out a bunch of BUTTONS to make your Spring Scene! (FYI: You can usually find bags of miscellaneous buttons at crafts stores. Just ask where to find them. Or get a great collection on Amazon!) :)

  • Get out some glue and a bunch of pink buttons. Place dots of glue all over the tree branches and place the buttons on them. Here is your tree of spring blossoms!

  • Get out some big blue buttons, and some small blue buttons. 
    • Glue the big ones inside the cloud shape.
    • Glue the small ones coming down from the cloud like rain. 


  • Get out 3-4 big buttons.
    • Glue these above the grass about 1.5".
    • Use a green marker and draw stems and leaves. These are your spring flowers!


    • Glue a BIG yellow button in the sky.
    • Draw rays around it with a yellow marker.

And there you have it. A pretty spring scene!
So cute--we may even put ours in a frame!

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1 comment:

Stacey said...

TOO CUTE! And how fun b/c it's so simple and easy to do! So clever.

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