Re-post: Physical Activity Cube

Originally posted: April 7, 2011

To get a little more physical activity into our days, I made this exercise cube! Here's how I made it:

  • Using white card stock, cut out 6 squares. (Mine are about 6"x6" squares.)
  • Write the activities on each square.
  • Tape the squares together using clear packing tape.
  • Before you tape the last square on, stuff in a few pieces of crumpled newspaper to give it more stability.

Here's what's on it:

  • Spin in a circle.
  • Jump 5 times.
  • Flap your arms like a bird.
  • Hop on one foot.
  • Dance!
  • Run from the front door to the back door.
The boys love it! 


Shannon said...

This is fun and simple, I am pinning it right now! My boys would love it too.

ohsonoko said...

How fun could it be to make it a tossing game? Toss it to the next person & whatever it lands on everyone does "that" activity.

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