Penguin Numbers Activity

I was trying to think of another Penguin themed activity for last week when I came across this box of old Christmas cards while I was cleaning. Perfect!!

Prep Work:
  • I'm assuming everyone doesn't just happen to have an old Christmas card with 10 penguins on instead, look online for a picture of a penguin. Copy and paste it 10 times into a Word document and print it out. 
  • Then take a marker and write numbers 1-10 on it.
  • Get out 10 small items for your child to place on the numbers (dry beans, dry noodles, small pieces of paper, anything! We used foam shapes).

Here's what you do:

  • I have some cut out numbers. I would hold one up and have LB say the number. Then I had him place the foam shape on that numbered penguin. After he found all the numbers we switched and LB held up the numbers for me. 
  • You could also just say a number and have your child find it and place the small item on top. 
  • OR you can write the numbers on papers and draw them out of a hat.
    • OR hide them around the room. When they find a number they come put the item on.
  • OR for older kids, give a simple addition problem and have them put the item on the correct answer (1+3 = 4)

LB was very focused as he chose which numbers to hold up for me. :)

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