Picture Presents Christmas Game

We played this easy game to go along with our Christmas Present themed week. 
This is a fun way to practice abc's, letter sounds, spelling, colors, speech sounds, reading--anything you want to work on with your child!

Prep Work:
  • Get 4 envelopes and 4 bows.
  • Find something that has pictures (Old magazines, Newspaper ads, Other pictures you've got tucked away----like mine. I used the pictures that came with an ABC banner which I bought at the dollar store months ago. I cut the pictures off because I just wanted the letters as a banner in our kitchen.):

(Banner in our kitchen--sans pictures):

  • So, whatever concept you decide to focus on (abc's, letter sounds, spelling, colors, speech sounds, reading, etc.) look in your magazines, ads, or other place for pictures that go with that concept.
    • I wanted to work with LB on his speech sounds, so I cut the words below off and just used the pictures:

  • Next, get your envelopes and place 4 of the pictures you cut out inside each envelope.

  • Then place a bow on the flap of each envelope so it looks like a present!

Here's what you do:
  • Lay out your envelopes and let your child choose one. Have them open it up and pull out the picture inside! Have them name it, pronounce it, talk about it, match it----whatever and however you want to practice the concept you've chosen. 
  • Open all the envelopes one at a time. Then have them close their eyes and put new picture presents in the envelopes and do it again!

Since I just wanted LB(3) to practice his speech sounds, I had him pull out the picture and tell me what it was. Then we'd practice saying the word together a couple times to practice his pronunciation of sounds. 
Nothin' to it. And he LOVED it!

Later, I think it would be fun to play with LM(5) to practice reading. I would have him pull out a picture and match it to the word that I cut off the bottom (or you could just write the words on papers to match). So many fun possibilities!

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