Christmas Present Sorting Activity

Sorting is a good math skill to teach children. And when you can pair it with something we all love--like CHRISTMAS PRESENTS--the result it truly magical. :)

Prep Work:
  • Get out 3 pieces of different colored paper (I used red, green and blue) and scissors.
  • Stack the papers on top of each other and draw and cut out the following shapes:
    • big circle, little circle
    • big square, little square
    • big triangle, little triangle

  • Then get out 3 crayons that match the colors of paper you chose (for me: red, green and blue).
  • Draw ribbon and bows on the shapes with the different crayon colors. Best to work in shape groups, for example: take all 6 circles and draw red bows on 2, green bows on 2, and blue bows on 2. Then move onto the next shape.

Then PLAY!
  • Lay out all the shapes and give your child a category to sort by. If they need help, then show them how to do it first, then let them try.

  • Here are all the ways your child can sort these "presents":
    • Size: small and big.
    • Color: red, green, blue.
    • Bow Color: red, green, blue.
    • Shape: triangle, square, circle

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Maro Oikonomou said...

I love this activity! It is so simple and so cute!

Kirstylee said...

My kiddos would love this!

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