Turkey in the Bag - Game for Preschoolers

Our 2nd activity in our "TURKEY" themed week was this extremely easy, energetic, and educational activity!  All you need is paper, markers, and a bag.

Prep Work:
  1. Cut a couple pieces of construction paper into squares/rectangles (you'll need 27).
  2. On one of the squares, draw a turkey. 
  3. On the rest of the squares, write each letter of the alphabet.
  4. Fold all the papers in half.
  5. Get out a bag (I just used a brown paper lunch sack).

Here's how you play:

  • Take 5-8 of the letters and put them in the bag, along with the turkey.
  • Have your children take turns reaching into the bag to pull out a piece of paper. 
    • If they get a LETTER --- have them say the letter and what sound it makes.
    • If they get the TURKEY --- everyone runs around the room flapping their arms and yelling, "gobble! gobble! gobble! gobble!......"
  • After choosing all those letters, put 5-8 new letters in, along with the turkey and play again!


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Anonymous said...

You could also extend this game and make it slightly more difficult for older preschoolers or kindergartners by having kids name words (Thanksgiving related or not) that start with the letter they pull out, or by naming the letter in the alphabet that comes before or after the letter they pull out, etc. Or put words on the cards instead of letters and have them read the words or name a rhyming word or a synonym, etc. Great family fun activity for after dinner or while older kids are doing homework!

Mummywright said...

We just made this!! But we put a 'pig in a bag'
My daughter loves it!! Thank you so much xx

Amy B said...

Hi! Thank you so much for this great activity! Would it be okay for me to include this in a round-up blog post I am working on that is specifically about learning phonics /sight words/ letters with turkey/ Thanksgiving activities? (Permission to link to your site and possibly use one of the images to show your activity?) I would be so honored, and of course I would leave a link to this page to tell people where it came from! :)
My blog is https://www.mythreereaders.com Thank you! Amy Brotherman

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