Gratitude Turkey 2012 - Thanksgiving Tradition

It's that time of year again! Time for our traditional Gratitude Turkey! 
We started it during Family Home Evening this week as we talked about what it means to be grateful. It's also a perfect activity to go with our "Turkey" Preschool theme for the week.

**We've done this Thanksgiving tradition for the past few years. Here are links to the ones we've posted in the past:

Here's how we made this year's Turkey:
  • Using a piece of brown scrapbook paper (ours was polka-dotted), cut out 1 big cirlce and 1 smaller circle. (our circles were about 8" wide, and 4" wide). (p.s. Check out our post on an AMAZING deal for scrapbook paper packs on Amazon!)
  • Using orange craft foam, cut out a beak and 2 legs with feet.
  • Using red craft foam, cut out a red piece to be that funny thing under the turkey's beak.
  • Get out 2 big googly eyes.
  • On a piece of paper cut into a rectangle, write, "We are THANKFUL for......"
  • Using different colors of scrapbook paper, cut out fat feathers. 

(I stacked the papers on top of each other so I could cut 6 feathers at once. Saved a lot of time.) Keep in mind the feathers don't have to be perfectly shaped. You could draw the feathers on 1 piece then put it on top of all the other papers and cut them out. Or just cut I did. :)
I cut 6 feathers out of each piece of 12x12 square scrapbook paper.

  •  Then Glue all the turkey pieces together, like so........

Here's what you do:
  • Stick the turkey to the wall with tape or sticky-tack. (We put ours on the inside of our front door).
  • From now until Thanksgiving, whenever someone thinks of something they are thankful for (or each week for Family Home Evening), they will take a feather and write it down. We also decided to draw what it was on the feathers too. :) Then using tape or sticky tack, stick the feathers on the wall all around the turkey.

This is a fun tradition for our family. Like you, we are very blessed with many wonderful things in our lives--big & small. It's fun to spend time thinking about all our amazing blessings. 

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Michelle ~ 99 Ways to Win said...

This is great. I did a Thankfulness Poster one year, but it wasn't very colorful. The art-impaired like me need someone to show us stuff like this because we don't think of it naturally.

Amanda said...

I just love this post idea and submitted it in a roundup post for a client. I hope that's ok !!

Christine Leeb said...

Hi Linda. Thank you for this awesome craft! I wanted to let you know that 4Real Moms ( used it for our monthly newsletter! It was the perfect craft because it's cute enough that moms would do it but it was also easy enough that any mom could do it! :-) You can check it out here:
Blessings and be real! Christine

Christine Leeb said...

Hi Linda. I just wanted you to know how much I love this craft! 4Real Moms ( featured it in our November newsletter. This craft was perfect because it's cute enough that moms would want to do it but it was also easy enough that any mom would do it! :-) You can check it out here:
Blessings and be real!

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