Family Balloon Games!

Our theme for this week and next is "Family Unity." 
The Thanksgiving season is time for family, and remembering how we cherish these relationships. So over the next few days, I'll be sharing some activities we've done as a family that have been FUN and have helped us become more unified. :)

This first activity is using balloons to play a few fun family games! 

Prep work:
  • Blow up the same number of balloons as people in your family.
  • With a permanent marker, draw each persons face on one of the balloons (or you can have each person draw their own face. OR each person draws someone else's face and everyone tries to guess who it is!) :)
There. Now you have your own little balloon family:

Games to play:
     (We have played the first 2 games and had lots of fun! Here are a few more ideas too!)

  • BALLOON BOUNCE: Get a BIG blanket or sheet and each person hold a corner or edge. Pull it out and hold it up--then place the balloon family on top. Everyone shake the blanket and watch the balloon family bounce all over the place! TRY to keep all the balloons on the blanket, but when a balloon falls off, everyone drop the blanket and go "rescue" that balloon. Whoever's face was on that balloon gets a big group hug! Then put all the balloons back on and play again! 
  • HIDE & SEEK 1:Take turns hiding all the balloons in a room for the rest of the family to find! (The boys (5&3) love playing hide and seek, so this was a VERY simple and fun way to use the balloons!)
  • HIDE & SEEK 2: Each person take their balloon face and go hide it somewhere in the house. When everyone's balloon is hid say "ready, set, go!" and everyone search for the balloons! (But you can't find your own balloon).
  • BALLOON LAVA: Stand in a circle and everyone throw the balloons up in the air. Do whatever you can to not let any of the balloon family land in the lava (touch the floor). 
    • ADVANCED: do the same thing, but lay on your backs and only use your feet to keep the balloons up in the air! :)
  • BALLOON SURPRISES: ***Before you blow up the balloons---cut up small pieces of paper and have each person write or draw something they love about each member of the family. Stuff the little papers into the balloon. THEN blow them up and draw the faces on them. One at a time, pop the balloons and read the sweet messages inside!

Got any more ideas? Share in the comments below! :)

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