Family Olympics: Sports

After we carried the Olympic Torch, we declared the Family Olympics 2012 officially opened!

Sadly, we didn't think through the fact that it was hot as blazes outside when we threw this all together. So......we only did a few games. Here are our Olympic events:
1. "Sprinting"
(pictured above)

2. "Swimming" 
(Running while swinging your arms like you're swimming.)

3. "Long Jump"

4. "Shot Put Throw"
(Throwing a beach ball)

The events were few, but the fun was plentiful!!!

(This was part of our Family Olympics tradition. To see more of what we did, click the picture below:)

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Darn... if I could only have been at the park that day!!! I would have LOVED to have seen this in action!!

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