TV Dinner Cupcakes

When I first got the awesome book, "Hello, Cupcake", by Karen Tack & Alan Richardson, I saw this idea to make TV Dinner cupcakes. I laughed and was AMAZED at how clever it was, but always thought it looked way too hard to ever pull off. 

Until one day I got brave and decided to try it. 
And I am here to tell you that it is SO SIMPLE!! 

Here's what went into the making of this hearty meal (note: I used a few different things than the book):

  • Brownie = chocolate cupcake & sprinkles
  • Peas & Carrots = green frosting, green jelly-beans, orange Starburst cut in squares
  • Mashed Potatoes = white frosting, yellow Starburst, apple jam
  • Chicken Drumsticks = cupcake, frosting, doughnut hole, crushed Corn Flakes, white chocolate shaped like a bone.
All placed in a small tin pan.
Perfect to sit down in front of the Tube with and dig in! 


Luke said...

Awesome, dinner and dessert in one bite. Now if you could make a dessert look like fish sticks you would really be on to something.

Unknown said...

MY mother-in-;aw made some peas and carrots cupcakes and she was able to find pre-made jelly belly peas and carrots. Just an FYI :) This is so stinkin cute!

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