Alligator Cupcakes

The boys have recently been looking through this awesome book we have: Hello, Cupcake, by Karen Tack & Alan Richardson.
There are so many fun ideas and when it was Daddy's Birthday a while ago, I let them choose what kind of cupcakes we should make for him. 
They chose the Alligator Cupcakes (because we had recently done THIS fun alligator craft that they loved so much!)

Note: if you look at the book, you will instantly notice that our alligator is not NEARLY as awesome-looking and flawless as the one in the book -- but this is how ours turned out using what we had on hand and with a little less work than suggested. :)
Which luckily didn't affect the yummy-ness one bit. 

Here's what we used:
  • Green frosting
  • Graham cracker triangles
  • Yellow jelly beans for "claws"
  • 2 Big Marshmallows for eyes with 2 black jelly beans
  • Cut marshmallows for teeth
  • Green sprinkles all over the top
Just yummy enough to CHOMP!

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