Alligator Craft

The boys and I made this awesome alligator craft together to go along with the book we read: "Trosclair and the Alligator," by Peter Huggins.
I loved how the alligator in the book had spots all over it in different shades of green and brown and thought it would be fun to make one just like it! It took me a while to think of how to make an easy alligator shape out of paper, but I finally came up with this one that my boys loved because it's almost as big as they are!


(The alligator pieces look like this folded in half and cut:)

(And like this unfolded: body, tail, head)

Here's what you do:
  1. Fold the 3 pieces of green construction paper in half the long way. 
  2. Cut 1 for the alligator body by just rounding out the sides a bit.
  3. Cut the other 2 into long triangles. One is a bit more slender -- that's the tail. The other one can be fatter -- that's the head. 
  4. Using the scraps, cut 4 little rectangles.    
  5. Glue the big pieces together. The head to the body, and the body to the tail. 
  6. Then glue on the rectangles for legs.
  7. Using the green and brown scrapbook paper, cut out ovals. Glue these on the alligator.
  8. Using the white paper, cut out small triangles for the teeth, and 2 large triangles for the eyes. Glue them on and draw eyes on the large triangles.

And if you're looking for more fun Alligator themed ideas, check these out. 
I especially love the Snap-n-Learn Alphabet Alligators. Such a cute product!!

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Love and Lollipops said...

Such a cool alligator - my boys would both enjoy this craft :)

AP said...

Such a fun craft! I have 2 boys as well. My youngest is 9 months & oldest will be 3 at the end of May! My oldest is crazy about alligators so thank you much for posting this craft!!

Debbie said...

I love this alligator craft! I am sharing a link to it on my site. Thank you! You can see it here

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