Energetic Easter Game!

Here is a fun way to get the wiggles out of your little bunnies!

This activity includes:
  • 1 felt basket
  • appx. 24 paper strips with pictures of the following: bunny, egg, flower, chick.
  • 1 activity key (cardstock with directions on each paper) Here's what the key says:
    • Bunny - Hop like a bunny
    • Egg - Roll like an Egg: Do a somersault
    • Flower - Pretend to pick a flower and smell it
    • Chick - Tweet & flap your arms like a bird
Here's how you play:
  • Fold up all the paper strips and place them in the basket.
  • Take turns choosing a paper out of the basket. Look at the activity key to see what movement it says to make.
  • Play until all the papers are chosen and everyone is wiggled out!


Anastasia@healthymamainfo.com said...

I guess I love all of your ideas!

melissa q. at a happy stitch said...

What a fantastic idea!! I'm going to have to make this NOW!

Justin and Vanessa said...

Fun! Do you have a list that you can send of the activities? jandvfamily@gmail.com

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