Easter Number Hunt

This is a fun activity to practice numbers, and can be played with one child or many.

It includes:

  • 10 Bunny-shaped sticky notes with numbers 1-10 on each.
  • 10 Egg-shaped sticky notes with numbers 1-10 on each.
  • Cardstock number chart with 2 rows of boxes with numbers 1-10 in each row.
Here's what you do:
  • Place the sticky notes throughout your house, or just in one room, and the number chart in a central location.
  • Say "Go!", and let the child run around to find the sticky notes. Once they find one have them run it back to the number chart and match it up with the right number.
  • Play until all numbers are found and matched-up correctly.
Here are a few other variations:
  1. Go in order. Have the child find the number 1 Bunny and the number 1 Egg first and bring them back to the number chart. Then go look for the 2's and so on.
  2. Hop like a bunny. Have the child hop like a bunny as they hop back to the number chart with their sticky note. :)
  3. Play in teams: the Bunny team, and the Egg team. Have a race to see who can find their sticky notes and match them up first! They have to first match up the number before they can go find the next one.
  4. Sit & Match. Instead of running all over the house, just stick the notes to one a table or wall and have the child get one and match it to the chart.

(*Note: You don't even need Easter-shaped sticky notes for this! Just use plain post-it notes and have the same amount of fun!)

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Anastasia@healthymamainfo.com said...

I'm sure my son will love it!

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