Handmade Felt Stockings

I know, I know. Christmas is over.....but I wanted to share what I have been (and still am) working on lately. My sister-in-law made LM a cute Snowman stocking out of felt a few years ago for Christmas. (pictured above, right) I thought it would be fun to make some more so that all 4 of us could have matching stockings. However, time got away from me and I only completed 1 stocking. (above, left)
Oh well, it gives me a year to finish the other ones! ha ha. I hope it doesn't take that long!!!

Here's what I did: cut out stocking shapes & Christmas characters using my abundance of felt.

Stitch the characters onto the fronts of the stocking, filling them each with cotton to make them puff-out a little.

Stitch decorative felt on the top and toe of the stocking. Then line the inside with a different color felt, to give it more strength and for a cute effect. Then stitch it together all around the edges. Voila!

Oh, and I decided at the last minute to stitch a little secret pocket onto the back. I'm not sure what I'll use it for.....but I've got a year to think of something fun!


Fedulab said...

They are GREAT!

You've got a lot of talent


Anonymous said...

ohh my word those are super cute!!! I think I will have to make some of these!!!

Anonymous said...

Super cute! And I have a great idea for that pocket ~ years ago, my family started a tradition of "hiding" stocking presents. You hide a present somewhere in the house, then write a clue on paper to help them find it. Stick the paper in the little envelope. It's so much fun, it's become our favorite holiday tradition. And it all started one year when my dad bought me a full length mirror and hung it on the back of my door as a surprise. He left me a clue in my stocking to find it. That was over 25 years ago! Happy Holidays :)

Emily Floss said...

Those are adorable.They are just so cute.Now I can't wait for Christmas so I can show off my own cute stocking.

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