The Finished Stockings!!!

Finally, they are done!!!

Here are the last 2 stockings, finally finished!

And here are all 4 of them! Again, the cute snowman one was made by my Sister-in-Law many moons ago.

It's a good feeling to finish a project. Even if it is several weeks late! :)


Rob and Marseille said...

i thought of something to put in the pocket: you guys could collect coins & each christmas the kids would find a new one in their stocking (you could start w/state quarters...I still need 5 or so of those...) or small ornaments? a new one to hang on the tree each year (don't forget to initial & year them)

The Ericksons said...

Those are SO adorable! You are quite the craft queen. Now I'm thinking that I don't really like the ones that I made last year...and I want to make these ones instead! =)

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