Peek-a-Boo Haunted House

Halloween Countdown #9 - Craft

 I saw a similar idea to this over on, but added a fun twist by putting our family's pictures inside each window flap.

It is simply made with construction paper and glue. Just cut flaps for how ever many windows and doors you need to fit your family in a spooky Haunted House!

*note#1: Please excuse the fact that I am showing only my own photo in this picture. When I started this blog long ago, I decided to not post pictures of my kids faces, so all you get is my goofy mug!

**note#2: The ghost is of no relation. haha.

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Anonymous said...

oohhh love this idea! We will have to make one of these soon!

Morning Glory Coffee Break said...

I love the idea but I do have to say I'm sorry but you are not scarry looking.☺
Love your blog
have a blessed day

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