Valentine's Day Countdown!

It's funny that the only holiday that people really "count down" to is Christmas.
What about Groundhog's Day? (Which is tomorrow.) Or, National Corn on the Cob Day? (Which is June 11. I just looked it up.)

I guess if you're going to count-down to a Holiday besides Christmas, one of the next best ones has got to be Valentine's Day!

Therefore, I thought it would be fun to count down to Valentine's Day this year!

So, out of Construction Paper, I made a simple little tree with 13 Hearts on it.

And on each of the hearts, I wrote one of the following:

Each day, after LM's naptime, I will have him pick a heart off the tree and we will do an activity of that sort!

So, get ready to feel the love!


    Stephanie said...

    Super cute game!

    Lindsey H said...

    Wow, I owe you big time. You have brought it to my attention that my son was born on "Corn on the Cob Day." I just knew it was a special day! :-p

    Ambrosia said...

    You really are an incredibly fun Mom, Linda. Fabulous idea.

    Shannon said...

    What a great idea to countdown to Valentines Day...looks like you and your little one are making some great memories with it!

    Elizabeth said...

    Simple yet such a great idea!

    Visiting you from House of Hepworths.
    More Than A Mom @

    Aunt Suzi Quilts said...

    This looks great! Wish I saw it last week.

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