Puzzle Songs

We like to make up songs around here. Some are simple, some are silly, and some are a surprise.....because even we don't know how they will end until we sing it!

A while ago we made up a song about things that go, and today we sang it using a puzzle.

Here's the puzzle we used:

We put all the pieces in a little bag and pulled them out one at a time. We sang this little song with each piece:

I'm driving my ______, driving my ______,
Down the street.
Down the street.
I'm driving my _______,
Down the street.

(With the airplane & helicopter, we sang it this way: I'm flying my ______, In the sky. etc.)

Pretty basic, but a song that LM loves to sing because of all the things you can drive, fly, and so forth. And using the puzzle was a fun way to spice it up a bit!

It would be fun to make up a simple song like this with other puzzles too. We have an animal puzzle. You could use this same simple tune and sing,

I see a ______, In the Zoo
In the Jungle
On the Farm

There's definitely not much to a simple song like this, but that's what makes it so fun -- It's easier for little ones to learn quickly!


Deborah Stewart said...

A wonderful song, idea, and interactive activity. You have integrated music with puzzles in a way I have never thought of before!! Love it!! Well done!!

Ms Debbie said...

What a great idea ! I need to add this one to our music workshop we do. Thanks!

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