Dec. 9 - Santa Puppet

The 9th day of December Jolly ol' Saint Nick came to visit!

I had bought some small red paper bags at a yard sale a while ago for dirt cheap, (seriously. I think I paid about the equivalent to a handful of dirt. I love yard sales!) and I decided to try to use one today for our Christmas craft.

We used the red paper bag (I'm sure a brown one would work fine. Just put red paper on the front!), construction paper for the hat and face, and cotton balls for the beard & hat. LM helped with the glue a little, but he actually was more interested in coloring with the markers, so this turned out to be mostly a mommy craft.

That is until it was finished! Then LM couldn't get his hands off the Jolly Man! He loved being able to make him say, "Ho! HO! Ho!"

Merry Christmas to all!

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