Dec. 10 - Popsicle Stick Ornaments

For today's craft, all I knew is that I wanted us to make a star to put on the top of our tree. But with what?
We looked inside our craft box and saw the Popsicle sticks. Perfect! So we got to work.

I put glue on the sticks and carefully we assembled them. LM's hands were guided carefully and soon he lost interest in the assembly and turned his attention to something a bit more interesting in our craft box: Buttons!

I hadn't thought to glue buttons on, but when LM started playing with them, I thought they would look great on our star!

Then I started thinking of other things we could make with the sticks. So we then assembled a Christmas Tree. And with a little glue and some colorful buttons it went from this:

To this:

To this!:

We also made a snowflake, and a present (the present needs a little imagination. Pretend the buttons in the middle are a big bow!)

But with LM's inspiration, these boring Mostly Mommy-Made ornaments went from this:

To this:



Rob and Marseille said...

where did you get so many cool colored buttons?

Little Family Fun said...

Hi Marseille!
I got the buttons a long, long time ago. They were at either Roberts, Michaels, or JoAnn Fabric....sorry can't quite remember which one. But they were sold in a bag that held all of these different colors and sizes. I bet if you went into any of those stores and asked if they had a bag of buttons they could lead you right to them! And really, LM loves them. We will definitely be doing more button crafts.

Jamy said...

Love love love love love this!!!! We did the snowflake and a different style tree today. I am glueing up the other tree and stars to do tomorrow. Such a great idea.

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