Dec. 21 - Stamping Christmas Shirts

The 21st day of Christmas, we went over to our Neighbor's house and stamped some shirts with Christmas stamps.
We didn't have any plain white shirts for LM to decorate, so we used one of these tie-dyed ones. But I think the green and white match the festive stamps quite well. :)

We used acrylic paint and a few of the hundreds of foam stamps our friend had. The hardest part was choosing which ones to use!

We also stamped a couple of onsies for LB. Just in time for the last few days of Christmas!


Tia@Club-penguin said...

This is such a good idea. This looks good enough to do as a camp activity, or even as a fundraiser for a community project. It's fairly easy to get specific stamps made nowadays with particular images on them that represent a kid's club.

elainenewell said...

Those are so creative. You cold make your own stamps too, out of Irish potatoes. I think people of all ages would have fun with that.

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