Dec. 20 - Embroidered Ornaments

This is definitely a Mommy Craft. Since Sunday was a bit too busy to get a Kid craft done, I will post about some homemade ornaments that I made a few days ago! Still crafty and still festive.

Similar to our other craft ideas, I tried to use just the resources that I already had on hand to create these. I had some fabric left over from an embroidered wall hanging I made when we moved in, so I pulled that out, and used it to embroider the word "Joy." I then cut those out and stitched them onto the larger squares on the fabric. I ironed the material and then I cut out each of the squares.

Next I taped them around some cut out foam board squares that I cut out the same size as the squares.

Then I used some hot glue to glue a sparkly gold ribbon on the back to use to hang it on the tree. I also glued a square of the material on the back to cover up the tape and the rest of the foam board.

And that's all it took to make an array of homemade ornaments!

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