Dec. 1 - Pretty Snowflakes

Pretty snowflakes were the craft for the first day of the Crafty Christmas Countdown. Here's how they were made:

First I folded the paper and gave it to LM to cut. He has been getting really good with his scissors lately so I knew he would love this craft. However, LM's kiddie scissors and little hands just weren't quite strong enough to get through the layers of folded up paper.

So, I used baking cups, which was an idea I heard about on this blog: The Activity Mom.

It turned out to be MUCH easier for him to cut, and he even made some that somewhat resembled snowflakes.....ALL BY HIMSELF! I tell ya, there's nothing that makes a mom prouder than seeing her child's scissor mayhem actually produce something glorious!

We proceeded to place these snowflakes (Mom's are the big ones, of course) all over our windows. We hadn't gotten any snow yet, so these were sort of our way of creating our own winter wonderland!

1 comment:

Megan said...

Here's a place online where you can "cut" a snowflake. I think you can print them off when you are done as well. If you let LM "play" on the computer, he might enjoy this!

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