Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fruit & Vegetable Painting

We did another fun craft for our Fruits & Veggies Week.
This one isn't necessarily original (painting and stamping with cut fruits & veggies was probably the first craft ever invented!) 
Nevertheless, it was gobs of fun for LB.
AND we added another fun element while we were at it.

  • Any assortment of Fruit & Vegetables 
  • Paint (fingerpaint, posterpaint, tempera paint, etc. Any form of washable paint!)
  • Paper 

Craft Time!
  • First, I showed LB the colorful array of fruits and vegetables I had on hand: 

  • Then I cut each of them in half.

    • I let LB choose one of them. First we ate one of the halves--(which was awesome! LB was actually interested in tasting some of these vegetables? Miracle of miracles!!)

    •  .....Then we used the other half to paint with! Some of them were a bit slippery, so we used a fork to keep a hold of them (like the tomato):

    Here are some of LB's creations:

    We didn't get to all the fruits & veggies. After the 4th one, LB just wanted to paint his hands.
    So unfortunately, fresh produce lost the battle to what LB called his "Spiderman-hands"! :)


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