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Square Pilgrim Craft

I sat there looking at our fun little square turkey craft the other day (he's hanging on our wall), and felt like he needed a buddy. Thus this square pilgrim craft was created! No finely feathered fowl should be without a friend. :)
Supplies: Craft foam (pink, black, white, yellow)ScissorsGlueGoogly eyes (1")Marker
Craft Time!
1. Cut out the following shapes with your craft foam: Pink square Small pink circleBlack rectangle (about half the size of the square)Black strip (longer than the square)White strip (same length as square)Small yellow squareTwo small yellow triangles

2. Cut the rectangle as shown below, creating a trapezoid shape for the hat, and the two triangles will be the collar. Then Fold the small yellow square in half and cut out the middle. This will be the buckle on the hat.

3.Glue the trapezoid shape to the top of the square. Below that, glue the two yellow triangles. These are the hair.

4.Glue the long black strip over the top of the hat and hair:

5.Glue the white strip …

Square Turkey Craft

Here is a fun and simple little Thanksgiving craft you can make with your kids!
Supplies: Craft Foam (brown, orange, red, and any colors for the feathers)Googly Eyes (I used 1" size. You can use any size.)ScissorsGlue
Craft Time!
1. Cut out a square with the brown craft foam. 2. Cut out 6 feathers using any colors of craft foam you'd like.

3. Cut out a small orange triangle for the beak, 2 orange legs, and a red tear-drop shape for that weird red thing hanging from the turkey's throat. (Not sure what that is called.) :)

4. Glue all the pieces together! The feathers go on the back around the sides and top of the square. The googly eyes, beak and red thingy go on top, and the legs glue to the bottom.

All done!
Happy Thanksgiving!
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