Apple Collage

Here is a fun & cute back to school craft you can make with your kids. 
My 2 & 4 year olds both loved it. Perfect for all ages!


Craft Time!

1. Fold a piece of white cardstock in half and draw half a circle on it.
2. Cut it out.
3. Then cut the corners off the top and bottom of the half-circle. Open it up and you've got an apple shape!

4. Cut strips about 1" wide from the red scrapbook paper. Then cut the strips into squares about 1" wide. 

5. From the brown piece of scrapbook paper, cut a stem shape. From the green piece of scrapbook paper, but a leaf shape. These will go on top of the apple when it's done. 

6. Give your kids the apple shapes, glue, and red squares. Have them put glue all over the apple shape and place the red squares all over it, however they want. You can challenge them to try to cover up all the glue, or all the white of the paper. Or just let them keep going until they feel done. :)

7. When the papers are all on, help them glue the stem and leaf on top:

All done! A cute and easy apple to ring in the new school year!

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