Easily Hang up Party Balloons!

For our recent Lego Party, I decided to try this idea that I found on Pinterest. (There are SO many pins about making a Balloon Garland that I don't know who to credit....so I'll just credit Pinterest). :)

This is really easy, and doesn't need much explanation, but there are a few tips I have if you want to try this. 

Step 1: Blow up all the balloons you need!

Step 2: Cut a long piece of thread (however long you want your garland to be). 

Step 3: Tape the end of your thread where you want your garland to start to hang. I used blue painters tape. I also recommend wrapping the end of the thread around the tape once or twice so it doesn't slip out. Push the tape on good! Maybe even double tape it for good measure. :)

Step 4: Get a needle and thread the other end of the thread through it. Then poke it through the tied end of the balloon, like this:

Step 5: Do that with all the rest of the balloons. :)

Step 6: After all the balloons are on the thread, tape the end of the thread up on the ceiling where you want it.

Step 7: Scoot the balloons along the thread to space them out evenly. 

And there you have it!!

Here are a few tips:
**TIP 1: If you are going to alternate colors like I did, be prepared for a balloon to flop (aka run out of air and shrivel). :( 
Instead of taking all the balloons off to replace that one color, just get a piece of clear tape and tape a new balloon to the thread in that spot!

**TIP 2: Make sure you follow step 3 (above). I didn't do that the first time. I just started threading the balloons and when I went to go hang up my garland.....it got so tangled that I just had to start again! Taping up the first end BEFORE you start threading will save you so much hassle!

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