Singing Time: St. Patrick's Day Game!

Here is another idea for the circles I used in our Energetic St. Patrick's Day Game. I used them in a NEW way in our Primary singing Time at church! You could use this idea for singing time at church, preschool or just to sing songs at home. It's very simple, and the kids LOVED it.


Prep Work:

1. Put a small piece of tape on each circle (on the same side as the smiley face and clovers). 

2. Tape them to the inside of a file folder (this makes it much easier to transport to church or preschool. You just pull it out, open it up and you're all ready to go!)

3. Next, write numbers on the back of all the circles.

4. Make a list of the songs you want to sing. 

Singing Time!

Start your singing time with your first song. After the children sing the song, ask one to choose a number from 1-16. Flip that circle over.

  • If they get a SMILEY FACE -- then they all sing that same song over again!

  • If they get a LUCKY CLOVER then you move onto the next song! 

         (I had a list of songs I wanted to practice, but if they get the lucky clover, you could also let them CHOOSE what song they want to sing next.) :)

The kids LOVED this simple little activity. It was so funny to see their reactions if they got a CLOVER. They thought it was the best thing ever to sing a different song. And getting kids excited to sing is a simply awesome. :)

Have Fun!

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Jamy said...

How funny! Totally read it backwards and I did a new song with a smiley face and the same song with the clover!!!! hehehe I love that kids will never know! It was SUCH a hit! So so so simple but they were all on the edge of their seats wondering if they'd sing the same song again!!!! Thank you for all your fantastic ideas!

Jeremy Bryce Hill said...

Thanks for the idea! I'm one of those rare male choristers, and it's nice to not come up with the crafty ideas all on my own.

Aly said...

I love how simple you make this. Thanks you so much for sharing!!

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