Family Valentine Pockets

I wanted to do something this Valentine's Day where our family could give each other Valentines!
So I created these simple pockets out of paper to hold all the love. And best of all it's so easy! Check it out!

♥ Supplies:

♥ Prep Work:

1. Count the people in your family and cut that # of rectangles out of one of the pieces of scrapbook paper. Lay them out how you want them on the other piece of scrapbook paper.

2. Fold a piece of paper and cut out a heart to go on the front of each pocket. Use this as a template to trace onto the white cardstock.

3. Write each person's name onto the hearts and glue or tape them onto the pocket papers.
4. Place glue or tape along the sides and bottom of each pocket and put them into place on the scrapbook paper. **Note: in order to give them a little bit more of an opening at the top, place a few fingers underneath the paper at the top as you press the sides and bottom down:

Now the valentines can easily be slipped inside!

5. Next, get your construction paper and trace your same heart template (or a little smaller) onto it several times. Stack your papers and cut out the hearts:

Now you've got your hearts already to go!

6. Hang your pockets on the wall using tape or push pins. Place your hearts in a bowl or bag nearby.

7. Either set aside a time, or just let everyone write valentines whenever they wish to!

 I cut out enough hearts so that each person could write a valentine to every other person. I'm going to have us focus on writing the things we love about each other. I think we'll choose a person each day and everyone will write something they love about that person and put the hearts in their pocket.

Then on Valentine's Day, we can each take out our hearts and read all the things our family loves about us!


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