Dr. Seuss Craft - Gertrude McFuzz

"Gertrude McFuzz" is another fun Dr. Seuss story with a great message!
This story is not in it's own book, but is found in the book, "Yertle the Turtle and Other Stories."

Check out this fun & simple craft to go along with the story of Gertrude and her feathers. :)


Prep Work:
1. On the piece of white cardstock, draw a bird shape in the lower left corner with a black marker. Here's how to draw a very simple bird shape:
  • Draw a semi-circle, but instead of closing it off on the left side, draw a circle instead. This is the bird's body and head. 
  • Then add the beak, eye, and 2 legs. Done and done. :)  

2. Cut out a bunch of small feather shapes from the green and blue papers. Mine are about 1.5" long.

All done! Ready for the fun.

Book & Craft Time!
  1. Read the story, "Gertrude McFuzz" to your child.

   2.  After you read the story get out all the craft supplies and help your child create Gertrude McFuzz and           her very feathery tail! Just glue all the feather shapes onto the bird's tail:

And here is our Gertrude McFuzz! LB(4) and LL(2) each took turns gluing on the feathers to create this beautiful masterpiece!

Have Fun!

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Unknown said...

What a wonderful craft! This is such a great way to explore a book. I have pinned this post.

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