Ghost Matching Game

Continuing on with our "Ghost" theme in our Preschool@Home, we made this easy little game!
LM(6) is home from school this week, so he actually helped me put it together and then we played it together as a family!

(P.S. Here is some super cute Halloween paper you could use for this game. Check it out!)

Prep Work:
  • Lay all your pieces of scrapbook paper on top of each other, turn them over and draw a ghost shape on the back piece (my ghosts are about 4" tall and 3" wide, but they can be as big or small as you'd like!)
  • Pick up all the papers and cut the shape--cutting out 5 ghosts at the same time!
  • Then take one of the ghosts and trace that shape onto the back of the paper again, and pick the papers up and cut out 5 more ghost shapes all at once. Done!

  • Using the black marker, draw 2 eyes and a smile on each of the ghosts.

  • Next, cut the cardstock into rectangles big enough to glue your ghosts on. (I just cut a piece of cardstock into 4 equal parts. I did this to 3 cardstocks -- which gave me 12 pieces. Since you only need 10, I just put the 2 extras away.)
  • Glue your ghosts onto the cardstock:

Time to Play!
  • Lay all your ghosts face down.
  • Take turns choosing 2 cards to see if you get a match.
  • Whoever gets the most matches wins the game!


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j. wilson said...

oh how adorable! i love the happy patterned ghosties. thank you for sharing. instant pin!

valerietjesblog said...

Thank you so much for sharing great ideas, this is so helpfull to me since I am not such a creative person..

Keep up the good work!

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