Bat Number Find

We're going batty for BATS during our Preschool@Home this week!
Here is our first fun activity.


Prep Work:
  • With a white crayon, draw the following shapes on the black construction paper:
    • On the left half, draw a tall U-shape. Then connect the top with a curvy line. 
    • On the right half, draw a circle. Then draw a zig-zag across the middle.

  •  Cut out the shapes. Glue the 2 half-circles (with the zig-zags facing down) onto the U-shape. Voila! You made a BAT!

  • Using the white crayon, draw a smiley face on your bat.
  • Next, write the numbers 1-20 on your bat.

Time to Play!

  • Sit down with your child and hand them the white crayon.
  • Say a number and have them find it and draw a circle around it.

  • When you've gone through all the numbers, you can then point to each number and have your child practice saying them.

LB(4) had a lot of fun with this!
He's pretty good with counting, but always gets tripped up with numbers 13-16, so this was a fun way for him to review the hard ones!

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1 comment:

Mercedes said...

Just made mine! Waiting for everyone to wake up from naps so we can play. THank you for putting in the time to post these activities, my children and I love playing them. And it saves me SO much time to not have to think about what to do. You are a life saver!

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