After School Snack Holder

I bought this cute Over-the-Door Shoe Holder the other day,
(at Ross for about $7)
I was excited to use it to organize my shoes to free up some floor space in the closet. But sadly, my shoes don't all fit in these little pockets!
This really should be called a Sandal-Holder, and unfortunately I don't have that many sandals.

So, instead I had an idea to put it up in the pantry as a SNACK-HOLDER for the kids!

And to make it a little bit more worth its while, I decided to make it an
After-School Homework-Motivating Snack Holder!
(Say that 10 times fast!) ha.

Here's how it works:
Since I have 3 kids, I put 3 of each kind of snack in each of the pockets.

Only my oldest is in school right now (LM-1st grade). He has homework everyday, and honestly the hardest part of the day is trying to get him to focus on his homework while the 2 little ones (LB-3yrs, LL-1yr) are constantly distracting and bothering him. It always takes 3 times as long as it should.
So to keep EVERYONE motivated to get homework time done quickly, the snacks are the reward. :)

As soon as Homework is done they can get the snacks out of the pocket for that day! We just start at the top pocket and work our way down, which helps so there is no fighting over who gets what snack or whatever.
Same snack for everyone.

I have an assortment of snacks right now:
Granola Bars

So far it's worked very well. It's nice to already have a snack ready each day and something visual they can see to serve as a good motivator. 

Have Fun!

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