Magic Pencil Game for Kids!

Our final activity in our "Back to School" preschool@home theme is this: A fun & simple activity using a box of pencils!


Prep Work:
  • Take out all the pencils and choose one (or 2, or more depending on how you want to do it).
  • Color a dot on top of the eraser with a permanent marker.
  • Place all the pencils (including the one with the dot on the eraser) in a cup and get ready to play!

How to Play!

These ideas can be adapted to however many kids you have. With a group of kids you might want to have more than one pencil with a dot, so more people get a turn:

  • Sit everyone in a circle and pass the cup around.
  • Everyone takes a turn choosing a pencil.
  • Whoever chooses the "magical pencil" (the one with the dot) gets to do something magical. Here are some ideas:
    • Everyone in the circle gives that person a hug
    • That person gets to say their favorite color, or food, or toy, etc.
    • That person gets to jump up and down 10 times
    • That person gets to run to run around the circle and sit back down

Whatever the "magical" reward is, 
have FUN! 

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