Crayon Scribble Match

It's always fun to buy and use a brand new box of crayons!
We bought several on the back to school sales this year, so I decided to use a box for a fun activity with LB(3)!

  • 1 box of crayons
  • 2 pieces of white paper

Prep Work:
  • Fold the 2 pieces of paper up so you get 24 squares (or however many crayons you have).
  • Unfold one paper & cut on the folds so you end up with 24 small squares.
  • Unfold the other paper, and take 1 crayon and make a scribble in one of the boxes. Do that with all the crayons so you have 24 scribbles on the paper of all the different colored crayons.

Time to Play!
  • Have your child choose a crayon from the box:

  • Then have them scribble with that crayon on one of the small paper squares:

  • Have them place that scribble on the matching colored scribble on the big paper!
  • Then do it again until all the scribbles are matched!

LB(3) had fun with this one. He got to use his amazing scribble-skills and recognize all the different colors!
As an added bonus, I had LB run back and forth from scribbling to matching. 
Any ways I can get some energy out is definitely worth it! :)

Have Fun!

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