Alphabet Car Game!

                                                                                                                originally posted: 5-21-12

You can make super easy and fun games (that also help kids LEARN) with nothing more than 
paper, scissors, glue & a marker. Here's one the boys (5 & 2) really loved!

First, you'll need to make a set of ABC circles:
  • Trace circles on construction paper using a small cup (mine are about 2 1/2" big)
  • Cut them out
  • Write all the Letters on the circles. (I made a set of Upper-case Letters, and a set of Lower-case Letters.)

Second, you'll need to create a CAR:
  • Cut a simple car shape out of construction paper and glue it onto another piece of paper.
  • Add whatever other elements to the scene you want: road, sun, cloud, etc.
  • With a marker, draw the circles where the tires should be. This is where the kids will place the letter circles!

Third, you PLAY!

  • Set out all the letters on the floor or tables.
  • Say a letter and have the kids find it in upper-case and lower-case and place them on the car for wheels! (like in the picture up on top) When we played, I had LB(2) look for the upper-case letters and LM(5) look for the lower-case letters.
  • You could also say 2 different letters and have them find 2 at a time.... upper-case:

....or lower-case:

Click the picture below to see more fun ways to use these paper Alphabet circles!

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