Kite Math - Activity for Kids

Here is another activity we tried with our KITE theme. We just "added" a bit to the Kite Counting activity we already made. :)
This is for the more advance preschoolers, and/or older kids. I did a few with LB(3), but he soon lost interest and just wanted to go back to counting. 
That's ok. Something for later then. :)

Prep Work:
  • Create the Kite Counting activity as described in the post shown above.
  • Then cut out some cloud shapes using blue construction paper.
    • On each shape, write a math problem that equals one of the numbers 1-5.

How to Play:
  • Place one of the clouds on the paper.
  • Say the problem with your child and have them place the number of bows on the string as shown in the problem:

  • Then have them put the kite on with the correct answer:

It was a good way to introduce addition to LB(3), and will come back to it as he gets older. :)


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1 comment:

Twilson9608 said...

This is a really cute and fun math idea!

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