St. Patrick's Day File-Folder Game

I've posted before about making super easy, fun, and cute File Folder Games using Scrapbook Paper
So I thought I'd add to my Homemade File-Folder Collection with this one for St. Patrick's Day!

How to Make it:
  • Look through any paper or scrapbook paper you have for any and all shades of green (I used 8 different green papers)
  • Cut out 2 3"x3" squares from each paper -- (so you can cut out 2 matching shamrocks of each pattern).
  • Fold one of the squares in half and draw half of a four leaf clover. It looks kind of like a capital letter B, with a little triangle on the bottom for the stem, like this:

  • Cut it out, and unfold it. If it looks a little funny to you, just try to round it out and make it how you want it. THIS one will be your template. :)

  • Stack 3-4 of the squares on top of each other. On the top square, trace the template clover. Then hold the stack of squares and cut them out. Do this until all the clovers are cut out. 

  • Pull out a manila file-folder and glue one of each of the matching clovers onto it (I used a glue stick).

How to Play!

  • Lay out the file folder, and all the clovers.

  • Have your child match the clovers by placing them on top of each other:

  • When you are all done, you can place them in a ziploc baggie and put them away in the file folder.

LB(3) enjoyed this one!


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