Easter Egg Puppets

Last year I bought some of these small eggs made out of craft foam and we made an 
I had some leftover so I used a few this year to make these fun and incredibly simple 
Easter Egg Puppets!

How to Make:
  • If you're lucky enough to find some craft foam eggs, use those. Otherwise, you can cut your own egg shapes out of craft foam or construction paper. (The eggs we used were roughly 5" tall and 4" wide.)
  • Get out some googly eyes and glue them onto the eggs.
  • Draw smiles with a black marker. LB(3) loved this part.

  • Get out some craft sticks, or popsicle sticks and tape them to the back of each egg. We just used scotch tape.

  • Turn them over and meet your new friends! 

How to Play:
  • LB and I put on puppet shows for each other.
  • Then we just played with them together and had them talk and play.
  • When LL(1) woke up, we used them to sing some silly songs to her, which she LOVED!!! We sang a silly song to the tune of BINGO:
Eggs love Easter
It's the best.
We love to sing and dance.
Eggs love Easter.
Eggs love Easter.
Eggs love Easter.
Happy Easter to you
-that's when the egg would give LL a smooch and she would giggle. :)
  • Then LB just played on his own with the egg puppets for a while. Who knew they'd provide so much entertainment! Thanks Egg Buddies!


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Anonymous said...

Hi, I was wondering where to get the egg-shaped foam just like the one you had to make the puppets. Thank You.

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