Easter Bunny Countdown!

With Easter right around the corner, I created this fun little Countdown to go along with our "Bunny" Preschool theme this week! It was so easy to make, and will be a fun way for the kids to anticipate Easter.

Here's how to Make it:
  • Figure out when you want to start your countdown, and count how many days there will be until Easter (We're starting ours on St. Patrick's Day, so there are 15 days until Easter).
  • Using 1-2 white pieces of paper or cardstock, cut out 1" strips--for the number of days in your countdown.
  • Make a paper chain with the strips:
    • Wrap one around and staple it together to create a loop. Put the next strip through the first loop, then wrap it around and staple it.....and on and on with all the strips (you could also use tape or glue).

  • With a scrap piece of paper, cut out 2 small bunny ears to fit on your top loop. Color the insides pink and glue them on top. 
  • Then draw a bunny face underneath:

  • When you are ready to start your countdown, hang up your Bunny-Chain somewhere in your house (I'm going to put ours on our curtain rod) :)
  • Each day until Easter, have your kids take off one of the loops. When they get to the Bunny, the next day will be Easter! :)


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Unknown said...

This is such a cute idea!

Julie Rogers said...

Cute idea, just pinned!!!


Marie {Make and Takes} said...

Such a darling idea. We're big countdown fans and this is perfect!

Travis and Roberta Stout said...

THis is so cute! What a great idea!!! I just might do it!!

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