Valentine Pal: Craft for Kids

This is a very simple Valentine craft I prepared and LB(3) put together: our own little valentine pal!

Prep Work:
  • Get out a piece of pink and red construction paper.
  • Cut a big heart out of the pink (for the body), and 4 small hearts (for the hands & feet).
  • Cut out 4 small strips out of the red (for the arms & legs).

Craft it!

  • Give the pieces to your child and show them how to glue them on to make their own little valentine pal! 
    • (I laid it all out and showed LB what the arms and legs were, and the hands and feet. Then I just handed him the glue and let him glue it all together.)
  • Then give them a marker and have them draw a face for their pal!

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1 comment:

Anna said...

This is one of our favorites! My kids did this one last week, and I'll be posting it with my letter H crafts. We like to do a fan-fold for the arms and legs.

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