Heart Car: Valentine's Day Craft for Kids

We started a "Valentine's Day" theme and made this fun little craft. LB(3) loved it since he LOVES cars!

Prep Work:
  • Choose 3 pieces of scrapbook paper, in Valentine's Day colors (or construction paper).
  • Out of one, draw and cut out a shape of a car.
  • Fold the edges over on the other 2 papers and cut out a bunch of very small hearts.
  • Fold a piece of black paper and cut out 2 circles--for the wheels.

Craft time!
  • Sit down with your child and show them all the pieces you cut out.
  • Give them the glue and let them glue the car shape onto a piece of white cardstock.
  • Then let them glue the wheels on, and the hearts all over and/or around the car.

All done! You could use this as a Valentine's Day card for Grandparents or someone special, 
or put it in a frame and hang it up as a new Valentine's Day decoration! 

Happy Valentine's Day!
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