Bean Candy Cane Craft

 Welcome to our Candy Cane themed week! 
Our first activity is this Bean Candy Cane Craft (aka: "one of the easiest crafts known to man"). :)
Hope you enjoy it!

Prep Work:
  • Draw and cut a candy cane shape out of cardstock (ours was about 5" tall, 1" thick).
  • Get 2 bags of dry beans: 1 red kidney beans, and the other white lima beans
  • Place a small handful of each kind of beans into a bowl.

Here's what you do:
  • On the candy cane paper, show your child how to make a candy cane pattern with the beans: red, white, red, white......
  • Then let them practice the pattern on their own. (Pattern-making is a good math skill for preschoolers to practice. Bonus!)
  • Next, have them glue the beans onto the paper, following the pattern they just practiced to make their candy cane! 

Once the glue is dry, you could even add a string to the top and turn this into an ornament for your tree!

Merry Christmas!

1 comment:

Lindsey H said...

I was looking for a super easy craft and this is just the thing I could do! (Nursery craft) Thanks!

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