Pumpkin Man Craft

LB(3) made this happy little Pumpkin Man during our "Pumpkin" - themed week. It was fun to see how proud of it he was! He couldn't wait to show LM when he got home from school!

Prep Work:
  • Have your child color any designs they want on a piece of orange construction paper (optional)
  • Then cut out the following:
    • 1/2 the sheet - cut out a pumpkin shape
    • 1/2 the sheet - cut out 2 fat strips (for the legs), 2 skinnier strips (for the arms), and 1 small strip (for the stripe on the hat)
  • Using 1 piece of black construction paper, cut out the following:
    • 2 triangle eyes
    • 1 triangle nose
    • 1 mouth
    • 2 circles for hands
    • 2 ovals for feet
    • 1 square for hat
    • 1 long rectangle for the brim of the hat. :)

Here's what you do:
  • Lay out all the pieces of the pumpkin man, and let your child glue all the pieces on, helping when needed. You can even talk about the shapes as they put them on.
  • Hang it up and welcome your new Halloween friend to your home! :)

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1 comment:

Kirstylee said...

What a great activity! I think it's always harder to find crafts that toddlers can actually do. This is a great idea for even a very young toddler. I'll have to add this link to the Halloween crafts page on my blog. :)

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