Easy Halloween Countdown

Here is a fun Halloween activity we did a couple years ago. In fact, It was so fun I might just go cut out some ghosts right now so we can count down again this year. Never too late to start! :)

originally posted: October 2, 2010

LM(3) is VERY excited about Halloween. It all started when he saw me buy a little pumpkin costume for LB(1) the other day. Ever since then, he asks me several times a day, everyday, if tomorrow is Halloween. I have to keep telling him that it's still 4 weeks away. But not understanding how much time that really is, I thought it would be fun & helpful to do a countdown.

I cut out a bunch of little ghosts. Which was super easy:
  • Fold a white piece of paper in half (the fat way), and cut that in half and half again so you basically have 4 long strips, folded in half:

Then cut each one in half using whatever kind of cut you want for the bottoms of your ghosts:

Round out the edges on top, draw on smiley faces, and you instantly have a gaggle of ghosts! I used sticky tack and placed them on our filing cabinet:

On the back of each ghost is written one of the following:

Learning Activity

LM will choose a ghost each day until Halloween and we will do a special activity. Some will be 5 minutes or less. Some will be longer depending on our time. And one of the surprise ghosts will of course be the Halloween activity of ALL Halloween activities: Trick of Treating! 
(Check out all the activities we did for our countdown: click HERE.)

You could also do this countdown without the activities. Just put up the ghosts on your wall or fridge, and have your child take one ghost down everyday until Halloween. Still totally fun for your kids and SO easy!!

And best of all, you can start this countdown WHENEVER you want to during the month of October! 
1 week before Halloween. 
2 weeks before Halloween.
3 weeks before Halloween.
4 weeks before Halloween.
Or anything in between. :)

We have a BUNCH more easy and FUN Halloween crafts and activities. Check them out HERE!

P.S. Do you need some craft supplies? Check out our post on the best kid-craft supplies for great prices on Amazon! We've got some good recommendations. :)


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Kirstylee said...

This is such a cute idea. I have been putting some Halloween craft ideas on my blog, but I may have to add this countdown element to them. It's always hard explaining the concept of weeks to little ones.

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