Hi! My name is Linda. I'm a mom of five kids----three boys (LM-9 years old, LB-7 years old, LD-2 year old), and two girls (LL-4 years old, LJ-newborn). I hope you find something here that helps you have fun with the kids in your life. And If you're a mother, I recommend that you read this quick post: Dear Fellow Mommy.


I started this blog in 2009, right after baby #2 (LB) was born. With a new baby in town, I struggled to know what to do with my oldest (LM) besides putting him in front of the TV all day. Through the advice of a good friend, I started spending time with him doing simple crafts, activities, and just having fun together. Soon LB was old enough to join in, and the fun continues with all my kids!

I created this blog for other moms, dads, grandparents, teachers, etc. --  to serve as a simple resource for ways to teach and have fun with preschool-aged kids.  My main priorities with the activities that we do are that they are EASY to replicate & just plain FUN for the kids! 

Besides preschool-crafts & activities,  I also like to share thoughts about motherhood that have uplifted and helped me (since being a mom is the toughest and best thing I've ever done in my life). We are Mormon, and sometimes I'll share some of the simple ways we teach our children about the Gospel of Jesus Christ I like being organized and occasionally share things that have helped me organize my crazy & chaotic life. And once-in-a-while, I share Mommy-projects I've been working on. 

For many reasons, I enjoy doing this stuff with my family. (But that doesn't mean you have to be like me. Please read THIS post if after looking through my blog you feel discouraged in any way.) :)

And last of all, don't be fooled into thinking our lives are perfectly magical because my posts are about the fun activities we do---this is only a small portion of our life. Our life is filled with all the normal joys, messes and stresses that come with raising kids (and then some!) In a way, doing these fun things with them is kind of my bizarre way of coping with the chaos I guess. :)

PS. Do you have any other questions for me--anything else you'd like to know?
Email me!


Unknown said...

I love this site! I just recently started my own blog and was looking for activities to do with my daughter, age 4. I came across a pin on pinterest and it lead me here. I LOVE this site. What I like most about this site is that everything is so easy to do. There are no templates I have to print, so I can do any of these activities at any time, with not much planning. Thank you so much for this site!

Megan {Splendid Design} said...

I just found your website thru Pinterest and so far has loved all of the activities that you have shown on here. I have a 4 year old who loves to do crafts so this is perfect. Very easy activities that will guarantee a happy preschooler. Thank you for sharing this with us. Will be coming back for more ideas!

Anonymous said...

Hi I have just found your blog and love it, fantastic ideas and great to have such wonderful activities for little boys.

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